Stanley 1050 15 Features:

  • One Button Remote Control Transmitter
  • Molded design to comfortably fit the hand
  • Easy access to battery and dip switch
  • Operates with all Multi-Code-Stanley Electronics receivers and transmitters with 310MHz
  • Power: long-life 9 V battery
  • Frequency: 310 MHz, Codes: 1,024 (set by dip switches)
  • Visor clip included
  • Programing instructions included
Stanley Remote Models 1050 15, 105015, 1050-15 Door Opener and Gate Remotes...
These Remotes Work With All Stanley and Digi-Code Remotes With 310MHz Frequency
Stanley 1050-15 By Linear 310MHZ
The Model 105015 one button visor remote is a portable transmitter designed for automatic garage door and gate operator applications.
This transmitter is a single-channel device, pressing the pushbutton will send a signal to the receiver to activate the motor units next cycle.
The transmitter has a red test/operate indicator and is powered by a 9-volt battery. A visor clip is included.
The Model 105015 is compatible with 310 MHz Stanley motor unit opener receivers and model 109950, 302850, and 309013 external receivers
Quick programing instructions for the Stanley 1050 15 remote control transmitter:

1. Open the old remote controls case, located the 10 two position switches, DO NOT CHANGE THE CODES POSITION.
2. Open the new remote controls case, locate the 10 two position switches.
3. Using a paper clip set the switches in the new remote to match the switch positions of the old remote.
4. Close the new remote control and press the button on the remote, it should operate the door or gate
5. Close the old remote and you should be all set.

The digital code can be matched to the companion built in receiver or external receiver by following the above procedure.
Use the motor unit receiver code settings for your new remote, instead of the old remote. TURN THE POWER OFF TO THE MOTOR UNIT 1ST.
Use the external receiver code setting inside the receiver to set the code. TURN THE POWER OFF TO THE MOTOR UNIT 1ST.
Turn the power back on when the codes are set.
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9v Alkaline Battery
Can Be Used For These Remotes

Stanley Multi-Code  Remote Models:
1050 15 * 3089 13 * 1094 10 * 1097 10
Multi-Code Keypad Model:
2986 01
Visor Clip
Can Be Used For These Remotes

Stanley Multi-Code  Remote Models:
3089 13 * 1094 10 * 1097 10