OCDT-2, OC2T-2
Two Button Visor Remote
OCDT-3, OC2T-3
Three Button Visor Remote
Button Mini Remote
3 Button Mini Remote
Wireless Keypad
OMI-3 Overhead Door CodeDodge Replacement Remote
OCDT-1, OC2T-1
One Visor Button Remote
OWKP Overhead Door Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad
OCDT-1 Overhead Door CodeDoder One Button Remote Control Transmitter
OCDT-2 Overhead Door CodeDodger 2 Button Remote Control Transmitter
OCDT-3 Overhead Door CodeDodger 3 Button Remote Control Transmitter
OCDCTD-3 Overhead Door Remote Control Transmitter
OCD390-4 Overhead Door CodeDodger Remote Contril Transmitter
Replacement Overhead Door CodeDodger® Remote Controls
CodeDodger® Remotes Do Not Have Dip Switches Check Your Current Model Number
For Compatiblity Of Make, Model And Frequency Of Remotes and Keypads
One Button Transmitter
Three Button MiniRemote
12 Switch Visor Remote
Replacement Overhead Door® Trinary Remote Control Transmitters
Compatible With Overhead Door® Models, Crusader Models, Touch "N" Go Models
All The Remote Models Must Have 9 Three Position Switches For Setting Codes ( +, 0, - )
The Correct Frequency Is Required For This Remote To Work With Your Receiver!
All Remotes Come With Batteries, Visor Clips And Programing Instructions.
Some Remotes Are Available In One Button, Two Button, Three Burtton And Four Button Models, Along With A Mini Model.
Remotes Are Availble In These Frequencies
Two Button Transmitter
Three Button Transmitter
Four Button Transmitter
3 Button Mini Remote
3 Button Visor Remote
Door Report Remote
Lets You Know If
You Closed Your Door
Additional Information
Overhead Universal Remote
3 Button Visor Remote
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Overhead Door Opener And Gate Operator Controls
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