The GRC390-1KA Is Compatible With Intellicode Genie Garage Door Openers
Genie Garage Door Opener
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GRC390-1K Replacement For Genie Intellicode® One Button Remotes
Works with Genie® Intellicode® Garage Door Openers
  • One Button Remote Controls One Genie Intellicode® Garage Door Openers
  • Works with Genie® Intellicode® Garage Door Openers From 1995 To Today
  • GRC390-1K Remote Replacement Works With These One Button Genie Intellicode® Remotes
  • Genie Remote Models: GIC-1, GIT90-1, GIT-1, GIT-1BL, G2T-1, G2T-1BL, GICT390-1BL
  • Genie Remote Models: ACSGT, ACSCTG Type 1, ACSGT Type 1, TBSTG Type 1
  • All Genie Full Size Intellicode Remotes
  • Series II Electronics Compatible Remote, B8QACSC
  • New Remote Size Is Only: 3" x 1.75" x .75" Smaller Than The Original Remote!
  • 12v Battery Included
  • Programing Instructions Included With Your Order.
GRC90-1KA Replacement Visor Clip
GRC390-1KA Extra Battery 12v A23 Type
Intellicode® and Genie® are registered trademarks of the Overhead Door Corporation.
The GRC390-1KA Is Compatible With Genie Intellicode® Garage Door Openers And Receivers Made After 1995
And Is Easily Programed Within Minutes And We Conveniently Includes Battery, Visor Clip, And Instructions.

Compatible For All Genie Intellicode Garage Door Openers Motor Units Made After 1995.
Some Compatible Remotes Include:
GIT-1BL, GIT-2BL, GIT-3BL, G2T-1, G2T-2, G2T-3, GIC90-1, GIC-2, GIC-3, GICT390-1, GICT390-3
GIT390-4, GMIC-3BL, GMIC90-3, GMIC-2, GIC90-1, GIC90-2, GIC90-3, TBSTG, GIFT390-1
ACSCTG Type 1, ACSCTG Type 2, ACSCTG Type 3, ACSMGT Type 1, ACSMGT Type 2, ACSMGT Type 3